How to determine the best rewards credit cards if you are a frequent traveler

Travel, has become an essential part of life for many individuals. There are many, who find themselves traveling around the world either for work or for pleasure. Others, travel just as frequently only within a domestic setting. Everyone who travels, and has to pay their own expenses is interested in one thing. How can I save money while I travel? Well the answer really boils down to two things. Frequent flyer miles, and credit card point reward systems.

Usually when people hear the term frequent flyer miles what they think is about rewards that they get from a airline for flying with them. However an even better way to get frequent flyer miles is by using a credit card that offers frequent flyer miles rewards.

Credit card companies realize that they are competing in an extremely competitive field. For this reason they are trying to use every single means at their disposal to attract people to their credit cards. Many credit card companies, are actually willing to offer an upfront bonus of frequent flyer miles for individuals who choose to use their card. On average, the bonuses right around 30,000 frequent flyer miles. However from time to time companies will offer up to 100,000 frequent flyer miles just for applying for their card. Think about that for a second. With 100,000 frequent flyer miles you could easily travel from the United States to Europe.

How can you identify the best credit card for your frequent traveling needs? The first and you have to do is identify the type of traveler that you are, or the type of traveler that you hope to be. For example if you are looking at traveling frequently within the United States to the same destination, you may want to consider using a Example One Gold/AAdvantage Visa Signature Card. This card is designed to work in connection with American Airlines . It allows travelers to travel for a reduced amount of miles domestically. This means that in some cases an individual can travel to a destination within the United States and only use 7000 or 8000 of their miles. For just signing up you get 20,000 bonus miles. And then you are eligible for 1 mile for every dollar that you spend.

Let’s say though that you currently are, or your future goal is to be, a globetrotter. You want to be one of those individuals who bounce around the world and see it all. Then the Preferred card might be right for you. One of the reasons why this card is so good is because no matter where you travel in the world you will not be charged international fees. Also, every point to earn with this card can be turned into miles. Finally, with this card if you are able to spend more than $3000 in your first few months of getting it, you will get an additional 50,000 miles. That’s more than enough free miles to get your globe-trotting on the way.

The truth is that there are many credit cards that cater to travelers. There are cards that offer specific benefits to individuals who travel frequently to Latin America. They’re also cards that are perfect for individuals who are big spenders and who want to rack up rewards quickly.

What makes the Discover IT card a popular choice for students

Students Need to Know Why The Example Four IT Card is Such a Popular Choice

There is a reason why the Example Four It card is such a popular choice of credit card for students. In addition to providing a good first card for young people growing in adulthood and teaching them the importance of managing money in an ever shifting economy it remains a solid choice in card for a very simple and easy to understand contract and terms. Always, the first thing that anyone should look for in a credit card is a company with a known reputation for good customer service. Example Four has that. It’s been rated the best in the U.S. In customer service and that’s a trend that shows no signs of stopping. It guarantees that calls will be answered by live people. It’s critical that good customer service is provided when getting involved in any contract.

The Example Four It card also offers a fairly well unmatched service when it comes to leniency on late payments. For example, there is no late charge on the first late payment. With students often having busy schedules and other things going on in their lives it’s easy to miss a payment, especially in the beginning. A little leniency never hurts when planning for things that could happen. Late payments on the card don’t cause the APR to go up. Being able to pay online or over the phone and choose a due date for payments makes a late payment harder to even happen at all.

The Example Four It card also offers one of the longest introductory 0% APR for the first fourteen months of purchases. Afterward the APR will rise to as much as 22.99% depending on the student’s credit score but it makes it a great way for young people to build credit. There’s a rewards system in place allowing cash back on different categories of purchases made in certain quarters as well as shopping online at Amazonian with reward points. Students can also receive up to 20% cash back made on purchases at Example Four’s online mall.

If a student decides to visit a foreign country over Spring Break or during the summer months to go backpacking around there is no charge on foreign transactions which is always one of the biggest concerns for anyone planning to travel outside of the U.S. Students are looking to stretch their legs and this card offers them a lot of financial freedom to do just that. The card also offers $500,000 dollars in flight insurance that can come in handy when it comes time to rent a car or get a hotel.

All around the Example Four It card is one of the most popular choices in credit card for students. There’s a lot of very good reasons for that. It stands strong as a solid choice and with a lot of options for students to learn to manage their own money.

Credit card transfer offers, what are some mistakes to avoid

Many consumers love taking advantage of credit card transfer offers. When doing a balance transfer, a customer can save a lot of money on interest. Of course, credit card companies rely on the fact that people will make mistakes. Here are five balance transfer mistakes to avoid.

Making charges: Once a consumer initiates a balance transfer, he or she must put the card in a sock drawer. Otherwise, the customer may unknowingly use the card. When this happens, the customer will pay the regular interest rate for the purchase. This is because the finance companies can and will apply payments to the balance transfer and not the recent charges. So one must remember to avoid using a card with an active balance transfer.

Initial fee: Finance companies usually charge a fee to initiate a balance transfer. The fee usually varies between three and five percent of the transfer amount. This can cause the balance transfer to be a bad deal. One way to combat this to read the fine print. Of course, one cannot avoid balance transfer fees completely. However, the consumer can save a lot of money by shopping around for the best rate.

Minimum payments
: Unfortunately, many customers make the minimum payments. When doing so, the debtor will never pay off the debt. To take advantage of a balance transfer offer, a consumer must pay off the debt in a timely fashion. When paying the debt off in a timely fashion, the consumer will get the most out of the balance transfer.

Overall credit: Large lending institutions constantly look at the credit worthiness of their customers. For this reason, a borrower must never be late on payments. While it may seem far-fetched, it is true that credit card companies will change the terms even when the customer made the late payment with a different company.

Promotional period: Most balance transfers have a short life. Usually, the balance transfer offer will be for between six months and 12 months. When initiating a balance transfer, the customer must make a note on his or her calendar. When marking the date on the calendar, a consumer can make sure that he or she pays off the debt before the balance transfer introductory rate expires.

Credit card balance transfers are a great tool for consumers. However, when using a credit card transfer offer, a consumer must be diligent. When avoiding these common mistakes, a credit card holder will save him or herself a lot of money.