What Perks Come From The New Uber Credit Card

Uber has introduced a new credit card called Uber Visa Card that customers can start applying on November 2. Uber Visa Card features a signup bonus of $100 when you spend $500 within a period of 90 days. It offers several tiers of cash back on different categories including 4% on dining at the local restaurants, and take away meals. Travel-related and 3% cash back on travel-related purchases such as hotel, airfare, and short term apartment rentals. The card allows you to get 3% cash back on booking at Airbnb. If you shop online with your Uber Visa card, you can earn 2% cash back.

Online purchases include shopping at online stores, subscriptions to movie and music streaming sites. The online purchases do not cover third party payment. Even if you didn’t spend within these categories, you will still get to earn 1% cash back.

On top of that, you can reimburse with $50 credit valid for online subscription services if you spend at least $5,000 per year. It offers coverage for your mobile phone damages for up to $600. You can get exclusive pass into special events in selected US cities. The card can be used for overseas shopping without getting charged with any foreign transaction fee.

The APR for Uber Visa Card ranges from 15.99% – 24.74%. The points that you earn can be used for redeeming gift card, cash back and credits for your next Uber ride. Each point that you earn is equivalent to $0.01 cent. You can easily redeem it through the app. It just takes a second for the points to be converted into credits in the payment section of the app. You can then use the credits for your next Uber ride.

There is a minimum amount of points you need to collect before you can redeem them. To exchange your points as Uber credits, you must have a minimum of 500 points which is worth $5. If you want to redeem a statement credit, you need to have at least 2,500 points which can be exchanged for $25 worth of statement credit. Uber Visa card limits you to redeem up to $500 worth of Uber credits every day.

Uber Visa card is suitable for people who spend money at restaurants and Uber ride. You can apply the card from the Uber app or at the Uber website. After a few minutes of submitting the application, it will let you know whether you get approved. The approval of the card is based on your creditworthiness. If you get approved for the card, you should receive a physical card at your address. The card can be used for Uber rides and UberEats.

How Many Credit Cards Should College Students Have Their Freshmen Year

Statistics show that young people are the group of people that suffer from the highest bankruptcy rate. The major factor that contributes to this is because of the debt that piled up from using a credit card during their college years. Because of this, you should just get one credit card first to build up your credit history when you are studying at college. You only need a single credit card to do all your shopping.

Having a credit card is like giving you access to extra pocket money and you can use the card to pay for your everyday expenses. Payment history accounts for 35% of your credit score. If you consistently make a payment every month, you will be able to slowly build up your credit score. When your credit history is build up, it will be easy for you to rent a place or buy a car when you get a job after graduation. The card can also be used as a financial means for covering emergency expenses.

A credit card can help you to develop financial responsibility if you use it correctly. You must remember that whatever you spend on the credit card need to be paid back. So, you should not treat it like free cash and just spend it on anything you want. You should note down the due date or set a reminder on your phone for the due date so that you are not late in payment.

If you are not careful in spending money with the credit card, you will find yourself falling into a debt trap when you can’t come up with the money to make payment by the due date. Missed payments can result in bankruptcy and a bankruptcy record can stay on your credit report for up to 7 years. Missed payments can also cause large negative impacts especially on someone with poor credit history.

If you max out your credit card, your credit score will take a big hit and it will make your life harder when you come out of college. All the money you earn will be going to paying the credit card debts that you wreck while at college. If you don’t want this to happen, you should stay within a budget when you spend money on credit card.

It is recommended that you don’t spend more than 30% of the credit limit on your credit card. Keeping to this limit can prevent your credit score from dropping because one of the factors the credit bureau uses in calculating the credit score is debt usage ratio. Students should monitor their credit scores to make sure that their credit score is increasing to higher and higher instead of dropping.

Does Discover Have a Credit Card that is Designed for Travelers

Discover does offer a travel credit card and the credit card is Discover it Miles. With Discover it Miles, you can earn 3x miles on each dollar spent on all purchases in the first year. The first 1.5x miles will be immediately credited when you use the card to make a purchase. The other 1.5x miles will be credited at the end of the first year if you promptly make repayment. From the second year onward, you will only earn 1.5x miles on all your purchases.

Miles can be redeemed for a statement credit for travel related purchases. Examples of travel related purchases are airline tickets, hotel room, car rental and travel agents. You don’t have to exchange the miles for a statement credit. They also allow you to convert the miles that you accumulate into cash back. There is no minimum redemption requirement. If you have some miles left over after using the miles to get discount for the travel purchases, you can request it to be directly deposited into your bank account.

One of the advantages of Discover it Miles is that you don’t need to pay any annual fee. They understand that cardholders can forget the due date for the first time they use the card so they have waived the penalty fee for the first late payment. Discover it Miles card is accepted by airlines and hotels around the world.

Discover it Miles allows the cardholders to temporarily freeze the account via the on/off switch. The on/off switch not just prevents new purchases from getting charged but it also prevent cash advance and balance transfer. It offers free in-flight Wi-Fi that is worth at least $30. The in-flight Wi-Fi can come in handy when you need to search something on the internet on the plane.

Discover it Miles features a zero percent intro APR for the first 14 months for purchases only. The 14 months zero percent intro promotion makes the card suitable for funding an expensive vacation. For balance transfer, they offer a reduction in the APR interest rate to 10.99% during the first 14 months. The APR interest rate that will be charged to you after the introductory period is in between 11.99% – 23.99%.

Overall, Discover it Miles is great for people who want to earn unlimited miles without having to keep track of the rotating categories that change every quarter. It earns cash back on all purchases so you can use the card not just for travel related purchases but also on paying your monthly bills. The minimum credit score that you need to have to qualify for a Discover it Miles credit card is 690 which is above the minimum fair credit score rating.

Top Gas Rewards Cards to Consider This Year

Gas rewards credit cards can help you to earn cash back rewards if you frequently commute with your car and buy gas at the US petrol stations. Using the card enables you to have a lot of gas savings. The following are 6 cash back rewards cards that offers gas cash back rewards.

1. BankAmericard Cash Rewards
BankAmericard Cash Rewards is a great cash rewards card that offers 3% cash back for gas purchases Additionally, you can also get a 2% cash back rewards in grocery and wholesale clubs. Other categories of spending will be eligible for 1% cash back. You can continue to earn cash back for up to $2,500 in every quarter. The card offers a customer loyalty bonus where you will be rewarded with a $100 cash back after spending $500 within 90 days.

2. Blue Cash Preferred Card

Blue Cash Preferred Card offers 3% cash back when you pump petrol for your car at the local gas station. The card also offer a 6% cash back for up to $6000/year for your expenses at US supermarkets. You get 5% cash back on all travel related expenses for up to $4,000 within 6 months, which is equivalent to $200. The cash back that you earn can be exchanged as a statement credit. If you spend 1,000 in 3 months, you are eligible to redeem a $250 cash back in statement credit.

3. Costco Anywhere Visa card
Costco Anywhere Visa card offers 4% gas cash back rewards for up to $7,000 during the first year. You will earn the same 4% gas cash back when you buy gas at Costco or other petrol stations. It offers a 3% cash back for restaurant and travel expenses. The cash back that you earn can be exchanged for Costco vouchers.

4. PenFed Ultimate Cash Rewards Visa Card Plus

PenFed Ultimate Cash Rewards Visa Card Plus allows you to earn 5% cash back everytime you pump petrol at a US petrol station. The card also offer cash back rewards on other categories including 3% for supermarket expenses and 1% on other expenses. To qualify for the cash back rewards, you must have a checking account with at least $250 in balance.

5. Discover it Chrome

Discover it Chrome offers 2% cash back on purchases at gas stations and restaurants based in the USA for up to $1,000 of combined purchases. The card is suitable for you if you spend $1,000 on gas purchases. Discover it Chrome will automatically double the cash back rewards. The card has no annual fee and foreign transaction fee. Its APR free introductory period will expire after 12 months.

6. Wells Fargo Propel 365 American Express Card
Wells Fargo Propel 365 American Express card allows cardholders to earn unlimited 3% cash back gas rewards. Besides, you can claim a 2% cash back for spending at US restaurants and 1% cash back for everything else. The card is rewarding customers who spend $3,000 within 3 months with 20,000 points, which is equivalent to $200. During the first year, you don’t have t pay the $45 annual fee.

Top Rewards Credit Cards that Citigroup Offers

Citibank offers many rewards cards that allows you to earn points through the ThankYou points rewards program. All Citi credit cards are equipped with chips and accepted at the automated teller machines (ATM). The following are the 4 top rewards credit cards offered by the Citigroup.

1. Citi Double Cash Card
Citi Double Cash Card will rewards you with 2% cash back on all your purchases. The first 1% cash back is instantly credited into your account when you make a purchase and you only receive the other 1% cash back when you have repaid your bill in full. It does not have any limit on how much rewards you are able to earn. The points that you earn are redeemable with a check, statement credit or gift card. It comes with an 18 months zero percent APR introductory period. You don’t have to pay an annual fee to keep the Citi Double Cash Card. The card has zero late fee or penalty APR for miss payments which makes this card much better than other cards.

2. Citi ThankYou Preferred Card for College Students

Citi ThankYou Preferred Card for College Students is a rewards credit card suitable for college students. You can earn 2 ThankYou points every time you spend money in the dining and entertainment categories. If you spend money on other categories, you will earn only 1 ThankYou point. You can earn 2,500 bonus ThankYou points if you manage to spend $500 within 3 months. The ThankYou points that you have accumulated can be used for paying bills or redeem a gift card. You can also redeem the points with cash or other types of goods.

3. Citi ThankYou Premier Card

Citi ThankYou Premier card allows cardholders to earn points through the ThankYou Points reward program. Cardholders who managed to spend at least $3,000 within 3 months will get to earn 40,000 bonus points. The points that you earn can be used to redeem various types of rewards including gift cards and airfare. Citi ThankYou Premier card is suitable for people who travel a lot because the card allows you to redeem travel rewards. It is ideal for people who buy their travel tickets with Airbnb and Uber.

4. Citi Prestige

Citi Prestige allows you to earn ThankYou points when you spend money in different categories of purchases. For example, you can earn 3 ThankYou points in air tickets and hotel reservation. You are rewarded with 2 ThankYou points when you dine out at a restaurant or buy movie tickets. All other categories of purchases are rewarded with 1 ThankYou point. You get 50,000 bonus if you spend at a minimum of $3,000 within 3 months. Citi Prestige does not charge foreign transaction fee but it has a hefty annual fee of $450. You should sign up for the Citi Prestige card if you regular travel around the world or you want a card that offers travel and entertainment rewards. The Citi Prestige card also come with a 24/7 concierge.

What Credit Card Promotions Offer the Best Travel Concierge Programs

Travel concierge services can help people with a hectic schedule to save a lot of time. You can request them to help you in anything that you don’t have time on. There is an online form that you can use to fill in your requests and they will get back to your request within 2- 3 hours. The following is the top 4 credit cards with the best travel concierge programs.

1. BankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Card

BankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Card gives cardholders access to 24/7 concierge services. You can enjoy bonuses such as room upgrades, free WIFI connection, and free breakfast. The card can be used at more than 800 hotels around the world and it provides lost luggage travel protection. The card does not have any restriction for use on websites that have blackout dates.

It offers a rewards programs that allows you to earn 20,000 bonus points if you spend at least $1,000 within a period 90 days from the time you open the account. You earn a flat 1.5 points for every dollar spent on all categories of purchases. The 20,000 bonus points can be used for redeeming a statement credit that is worth $200. BankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Card does not have any annual fee and you won’t have to pay foreign transaction fees when you shop overseas.

2. Bank Skypass Visa Signature Card

Bank Skypass Visa Signature Card is a travel rewards credit card issued by the US bank. The card offers a 1.5% rewards rate for customers who spend at least $1,000 on buying Korean air tickets every month. The spending bonus only applies to the first 3 months after the account opening. The card is deal for people who want to maintain their Morning Calm Membership. The card provides concierge service for travel and entertainment for 24/7. The card has an expensive annual fee that is $80. It does not charge any fee on foreign transaction. U.S. Bank Skypass Visa Signature Card is suitable for people who regularly fly with the Korean Air.

3. World MasterCard

World MasterCard allows you to earn 2 points every dollar you spent. You can redeem the points that you have accumulated with travel ticket costs no matter the booking date and the holiday destination. It features a 24/7/365 MasterCard Airport Concierge program. Through the MasterCard Airport Concierge services, you can make arrangement for an airport concierge at more than 450 airports around the world.

4. World Elite MasterCard

World Elite MasterCard allows you enjoy many different perks. For example, you can check into your room early. Free breakfast is provided every morning when you book the hotel with the card. You also get access to the amenities within the hotel for free of charge such as spa. World Elite MasterCard comes with a 24/7 concierge assistance. You can take advantage of the concierge service for any difficult task, for example book a table at a restaurant where it hard to secure a reservation. The card is protected with the MasterCard ID Theft Protection.

Choosing a Cash Back Credit Card, Compare the Perks of DiscoverIT and American Express Cash Rewards

Both the Discover It card and Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express offers cash back rewards programs that let you earn rewards from everyday purchases such as gas and grocery. The following is a comparison of the rewards program of Discover It and American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card.

Discover It allows you to earn 5% cash back in certain rotating categories. For example, from January to March, you can earn 5% cash back when you buy gas or hire a ground transportation for example airport shuttle. From April to June, you will get rewarded with 5% cash back when using your card to dine at a restaurant or buy movie tickets at the cinema.

You are entitled to earn 5% cash back rewards when you shop at DIY/home improvement store or buy things from the Amazon online store in between the period of July to September. The 5% cash back bonus is applicable on your credit card spending of up to $1,500. all other categories of purchases that you spend on your Discover It card will be rewarded with 1% cash back.

Discover It is offering a matched bonus for new credit card signups. This means that you will get the same amount of rewards you earn last year credited into your account at the start of the next year. Discover It card offers a 1 year 0% introductory period, after which you will be charged with an interest rate of between 11.24% – 23.24%. The card does not have any foreign transaction fee or annual fee.

On the other hand, the American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card offers 3% cash back when you shop at any supermarket in the USA.
The 3% cash back is available for a spending limit of up to the first $6,000. Afterward you passed the $6,000 spending level, the cash back percentage that you will get for shopping at the supermarkets in USA is 1%. Using the Blue Cash Everyday Card to buy gas at the petrol station will earn you 2% cash back rewards.

You also get to earn 2% cash back for shopping at selected department stores in the USA. The American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card offers up to $300 cash back and this offer will come to an end on the 15th of June 2016. You can earn a cash back of up to $100 in statement credit if you manage to spend $1,000 within a period of 3 months of the account opening. You will enjoy 0% intro APR for the first 12 months period and there is no annual fee. After the 12 months introductory period, the cardholder will be charged the normal interest rate that ranges from 13.24% – 23.24%.

From the above comparison, you can see that the Discover It card is better because it offers a higher level of rewards and it has lower fees. The American Blue Cash Everyday Card is also a great cash back card for people who are able to pay the balance in full by the due date.

Chase Slate is a Great Offer for a Balance Transfer Credit Card in 2016

Chase Slate is a balance transfer card designed to help people to eliminate their credit card debts quickly. The card is affiliated with the Blueprint program that aims to assist you to making plans to pay off all your debt within a period.

Chase Slate will not charge you any balance transfer fee if you transfer your existing debts into the card within the time frame of 60 days after your account is opened. If you transfer the debt after 60 days, you will be charged with a 5% fee or a minimum of $5. The 5% fee can be significant if you want to transfer a large amount of debt. So, if you want to cut down costs, you must remember to transfer the balance in the first 60 days.

Chase slate offers 0% APR during the 15 months introductory, that is more than 1 year for you to pay off your debt. After the introductory period, you will pay the normal APR rate. Chase Slate offers variable APR rates including 13.24%, 18.24%, and 23.24%. The card is cost effective for settling your debt because it does not charge any annual fee. Besides, the card also does not charge any penalty APR rate. This means that the APR rate won’t increase if you pay late or miss a payment. The Chase Slate card also does not charge any APR when you purchase things during the introductory period.

Chase card also offer free monthly FICO score for customers and you can check the credit score can online. It will show a summary of your credit report so that you can manage your credit score better. The free FICO score allows you to conveniently see how your score has improved over time as you continue to pay off your credit card debt.

To transfer your balance with Chase Slate, you will need to get the account number and the amount of balance you owed on the card. You can transfer the balance by calling the customer service number located behind the credit card. The representative will ask you a few security questions before asking you for the card number and debt amount. Alternatively, you can transfer the balance online through online banking. Chase allows you to transfer up to $15,000 from other credit card accounts in a period of 30 days. When you are transferring the balance, make sure the terms match with the offer for example 0% fee and 0% interest rate during the introductory period of 15 months.

In summary, Chase Slate is suitable for people who are confident that they can pay off their debt in 15 months. You must create a plan to clear up your debt by the end of the balance transfer so that you can prevent paying the high interest charges.

Why 0% Balance Transfer Are A Great Way to Improve Your Financial Outlook In 2016

Paying a high interest rate on your credit card balance can eat away at your finances, especially if you have a large credit card balance. However, it may be hard for you to wipe off your credit card debt if a large part of your finances is going towards paying off your interest rather than paying off the principal balance on the card. In order to get yourself out of this situation, you can opt to transfer your credit card balance to a card that charges a 0% interest on your card balance. This will help to improve your financial outlook in 2016 in several ways.

Getting a 0% balance transfer is advantageous because it shows that you have a good credit score. Often, people with a bad credit score are not approved when they apply for the cards. If you have a bad credit core but you would still like to take advantage of this offer, the best way to get around this is by adding one of your friends or relatives as a co-signer on your card.

Carrying out a balance transfer will make it much easier for you to keep track of your credit card debt. This is because you can transfer balances from multiple cards to one card. This means that you can just focus on clearing the balance on that card, rather than trying to keep up with paying balances on multiple cards. This will be less stressful for you.

Having the card will cap your spending. This is because most card issuers will discourage you from using your new card to make new purchases. If you go ahead and use the card to make purchases then you will be charged a regular interest rate for the purchases that you make using the card. Not making any new purchases will help you to spend less and get out of debt faster.

You can take advantage of the 0% balance transfer offer to clear any high interest credit card balances that you have. It would be especially great if you can get a balance transfer with a 0% transfer fee or a transfer fee that is as low as possible. Make the balance transfer if you are planning to clear your credit card balance before the 0% interest free period is over.

You can take advantage of balance transfer to get yourself out of a financial jam. If you find yourself in a bad financial situation, you can use your regular credit card to pay for the expenses and then transfer the balance to a 0% credit card. This will give you ample time to clear the balance and get yourself out of a bad financial position. Just remember that you have to be responsible and organized, so as to pay off this balance before the interest free period is up.

Citigroup makes the double cash back credit card easier to obtain for consumers with good credit scores

Ever secretly wished the cash back on your credit card was bigger? Well, with the new credit card from Citigroup, it’s possible, but only if you have good credit card score. Bumping the cash back up to 2% across all purchases, the Double Cash credit card, for example, will surprise you with the highest cash back reward. This is great news for consumers who are searching for high rewards rate which iwill not be complicated to obtain and use. A 2% rewards rate, makes the Citi Double Cash one of the most popular credit cards today.

This card has a new earning structure, which lets you rack up 1% back on all your purchases, but then an additional 1% when you pay your monthly debt off. Moreover, there’s no boundary as to the rewards you can earn, so you can earn unlimited 2% cash back every month.

This is how this structure works:

You’ll receive 1% cash back per every dollar spent
You’ll receive an extra 1% cash back per every dollar you pay off
You’ll benefit from a $0 annual fee

This is really a high rewards rate that is worth considering. Taking for granted that you pay off your balance in full every month, you basically get 1% back twice. That’s one of the highest current rewards rates on the market. Honestly, there are many competitive and attractive credit cards that offer similar cash back program, however, most do not offer a zero annual fee.

Since we have always been advocates of accountable credit card use, it’s nice to see a card that provides an incentive, or a bonus, to liquidate your charges in a timely manner. Even though you can pay back your balance over time and still earn the 1% cashback, the faster you pay off, the faster your rewards are acquired. As we have already mentioned, there are no limits to rewards earnings, all the Citi Double Cash Card’s rewards are truly limitless. The only limit to keep in mind is your ability to pay off your debt at the end of the month.

We personally reviewed the pro’s and con’s of this credit card and fell in love with the 2% cash back rate and zero annual fees. The only cons worth mentioning however, are:

Unusually high interest rates, making it highly inadvisable to borrow on this card.
High foreign exchange fee of 3%, making it inadvisable to use the card abroad.
Not only you have to pay off on time, but you also have to pay your debt in full to benefit from the full 2% cash back and at the same time not lose money in paying high interest.

Who should consider the Citi Double Cash Card?
Taking into account everything mentioned above, the new credit card from Citigroup is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a card with a higher cash-back rewards system, if you have a good credit card score, and are confident, you can pay off your card every month.