Paying Your Mortgage and Other Bills To Maximize Rewards and Cash Back |

Paying Your Mortgage and Other Bills To Maximize Rewards and Cash Back

Thousands of Americans are looking for ways to maximize their credit card rewards points earnings. My motto with credit card reward points has always been a dollar spent that is not going towards my rewards points is a dollar that I have wasted. Many people waste potential reward points, there are many areas you can capitalize on if you are a savvy rewards game player.

Areas people often miss when it comes to credit card rewards programs:

* Mortgage payments
* Lease payments
* Loan payments

Now you might be thinking to yourself, “I can’t pay any of these with my credit card”. Well at one point this may have been true but no more. Just think, you can start to make the monthly bills start giving you a return on your hard earned and hard spent dollars. How does a free trip sound to you just for paying the bills you normally pay month after month after month? Well it can be done, I myself have done it. I take my mortgage, cell phone bill, Gas bill, electric bill and my car lease bill and pay them off with my travel rewards credit card. My spending on these bills amounts to roughly 3200 a month, which for me equals almost 1400.00 per year in travel rewards, which pays for my flight and pays a good chunk of my hotel stay.

How do I manage to do this? Simple, I use Example Six Bluebird.
It is a preloaded debit card that lets you make the most out of your money. It is just like a checking account, except you can fund it with your credit card, simply go to a store and buy a Vanilla Reload card to fund your account, which can be purchased in amounts up to $500. Stores will allow you to buy $1000 worth a day. The fee is $3.95 and you use your credit card to buy them. You can also add cash for FREE at virtually any Walmart checkout register, while using your credit card and avoiding the fee associated with the vanilla reload card. Once your bluebird account is loaded up, you can write a check from your bluebird account. There are a lot of advantages to using bluebirds checking service, such as no overdraft or stop payment fees. You pre-authorize each check so you never need to bother balancing out your check book. If there are any problems, there is 24/7 Example Six customer service available, which in the banking and credit card world is second to none.

This method allows you to convert your household bills into a free or nearly free vacation every year. Of course you should pay your credit card balance off every month in full to avoid incurring interest and cancelling out any benefit gained via rewards points or miles.

Besides letting you use your credit card to pay bills you other wise would not receive rewards points with, bluebird also protects you much like a credit card would. Bluebirds Purchase Protection will help protect eligible purchases made with the Card against accidental damage and theft for up to 90 days from date of purchase. You also get some perks such as Entertainment Access where you will get special savings and advance tickets for events in music, sports, and theater.

Now many people might ask why bother? well if your playing the app party game where you want to rack up the most sign up rewards bonuses per year, you will need this trick. For example the Example FIve Arrival World MasterCard has a hefty sign up bonus of 40,000 bonus miles if you spend $3,000 within 90 days of opening the account. Most everyday Americans can pull this off sure, but what if you want to do this same trick with 5 to 8 different cards through out the year? This method is a sure fire way to meet those sign up rewards requirements for any credit card.