Best Travel, Airline and Hotel Credit Cards Offers Online for 2016

how to find the best travel and airline point credit cards online

2016 top travel credit card offers

There are many options to consider when looking for a credit card that earns you points and savings for travel. With the right card you can enjoy free airfare, accommodations, upgrades, cash back or even an entire vacation. Knowing what to look for online will get you the most rewarding options available.

What You Should Watch For

A bonus just for signing up. This will get you started on savings and although some cards offer mega incentives, make sure the rest of the terms will also work in your favor. You could get a free domestic flight or more right off the bat, and the benefits should just continue from there.


Points program. Typically, cards give you a single point on every dollar you spend, but the best cards take it a step further and add extra points for patronizing specific brands or retailers. Examine the points per dollar and how quickly you can accumulate them.

Freedom of choice. A lot of cards restrict where and when you can spend your points and this can cramp your style. Know beforehand which airlines and merchants can be included in your travel itineraries and how the card may limit you. The best cards offer the most freedom and are easy to keep track of.

What You Should Watch Out For

Spending minimums. Not surprisingly, you are usually required to spend a certain amount of money before becoming eligible for the best bonuses. When checking the fine print, search for the lowest possible minimum amount you have to spend to keep the goodies coming your way.

Annual fees. Considering that travel can be quite expensive, the annual fee imposed on your card may be worth the overall savings you get in return. Particularly if you travel often and therefore are able to accumulate points and rewards quickly, the annual fee shouldn’t be a discouraging factor. Look at the big picture to put that fee in its place.

Overseas Fees. Examine this aspect of your travel or airline points card very carefully, as these fees can really add up if you are charged whenever you make a purchase. Visiting foreign countries with a credit card usually gets you a great exchange rate, however; depending on the specific terms, this scenario can seriously cut into your rewards.

Travel can involve a lot of hassles, but when you find the best credit card for the job, racking up the points, perks and savings won’t be one of them. Search online until you find the travel and airline points card that serves you best and enjoy!

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